Why Local?


Choosing to buy from locally owned businesses is about more than money.

Although it’s true that buying from an independent business keeps four times more money in Utah’s economy than buying from a national or online retailer, buying locally is really about acknowledging and affirming the way in we we are all connected to one another.

A healthy economy spreads wide, connecting people places and things in surprising ways. A healthy economy also runs deep, ensuring strength and prosperity for all connected to it. The old saying is true: A rising tide floats all boats. When indies prosper, so do the towns and neighborhoods where those independent businesses are rooted.

When you spend your hard earned money with a locally owned, independent businesses, it doesn’t add to the coffers of a faceless corporation. It’s recirculated through our local economy. It pays the wages of local workers. It’s spent to procure other goods and services locally. It reinforces our tax base, ensuring that our local governments can provide vital services like roads, parks, emergency response, and public schools.

When we remove our money from our local economy by making an online purchase, or buying from a big box retailers, it might save us a few bucks individually, but we pay a much greater cost as a community.

Beyond the economic reasons, there are numerous ways in which buying locally enhances our community, deepens civic engagement and creates healthier, safer neighborhoods.

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