Humble Hero Spotlight: Eric Jacoby Design

Own Some Architecture

Typically, we think of architecture in terms of great, immutable buildings. From ancient marvels like the Notre Dame to modern wonders like the homes built by Frank Lloyd Wright, even our own Salt Lake City Public library, built by Moshe Sadifie, in order to experience great architecture, YOU travel to IT. 

Which is why the work of Eric Jacoby Design is so unique - rather than marvelling at the foot of a massive building, Jacoby’s work, ranging from sculptural toys to elegant home and office furniture, gives you the opportunity to own a piece of architecture. Not only that, his work is imagined, designed, and hand-crafted right here in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

After a 20 year career in traditional architecture, Jacoby decided to embark on his own path digging more deeply into the aspects of architecture that inspired him. Jacoby’s work building Tectonic Toys and Tectonic Furniture allows him to engage in a more “expressive and pure design” process. 

Jacoby defines tectonic as “transparent technology,” meaning the components that make a toy move, or a table stable, are expressed in the design and form of the product. The toys Jacoby constructs are one part art, one part education, and altogether unique. From the Tectonic Grasshopper, which demonstrates the mechanical function of parallelograms, to Tectonic Giraffes, which are charming home decor, and something kids can pick up off the shelf without worry of breaking a valuable sculpture. 

His Tectonic Furniture, tables, chairs and coffee tables, as well as children’s furniture are designed for longevity. A vital aspect to this longevity, is the sustainability of Jacoby’s work. In both the process of creation, and it’s long term function, the product is intended to make the best use of resources, and reduce waste. His tectonic toy animals are made from the remnants of furniture production, and his furniture products are intended to be pieces that are owned for a lifetime -- not just a couple of years.

Jacoby’s Tectonic Toys are available for purchase at the Natural History Museum of Utah, Tracy Aviary, Tutoring Toy, and fellow Local First Utah members, Western Rivers Fly Fisher. As well, his furniture and toys are available at Dara Modern at their new location in 9th & 9th. And, all of Jacoby Design’s products are available online, and can be picked up from his studio, or shipped via white glove delivery to all 48 contiguous state

Kristen Lavelett