Reason No. 6 to Buy Locally - You Keep Your Tax Dollars Here

We’ve all been there. Shopping at our favorite store, doing the mental math to make sure we’re on budget and then when we get the the register, slowly but surely, our total grows higher and higher. SALES TAX. What a pain!

Taxes are a tricky subject. Nobody really likes to pay them, but everybody benefits from them. Some folks even go so far as to say “taxation is theft,” but that presents a pretty bleak view of what it means to be a member of a community and participate in society.

Sure, it costs a few extra dollars for us to buy a pair of sneakers, but those extra dollars build the things that we all share in common -- our roads, our fire and police services, our schools, and our parks. In some communities, a portion of those taxes support arts programs, and after school programs, things that benefits our kids and our neighbors. So, no, taxation is not theft, taxation is the cover charge to attend the party that is functional society.

To loosen the pinch of sale tax on our individual wallets, many of us make our purchases online. Whether out of convenience or to save a few dollars -- it’s hard to avoid buying online these days. However, every purchase you make has consequences. Which is of greater value in the long run: To save a few dollars on sales tax? Or to make sure that the road your daughter crosses to get to school is paved and painted for her safety?

That’s why we’re highlighting Reason No. 6 for Buying Locally: You Keep Your Tax Dollars Here. When you buy from locally owned, independent business, you are ensuring that the city you live in can continue to provide its citizens with vital services that keep us safe, healthy and connected to one another.

Kristen Lavelett