Local Legend Spotlight: Got Beauty

“I love our candy store vibe” Tammy Taylor said with a twinkle in her eye, as we spoke about the charm of her shop on 900 East and 2100 South. Got Beauty certainly has the corner on the #treatyoself market, with ceiling high shelves stocked full of countless beauty brands and prestige products.  Of course, there’s more than just shampoo galore inside the doors of Got Beauty. There’s a full service salon and spa, a well trained, and uber-friendly staff, and according to Salt Lake Magazine “The Best Girlie Gifts in Salt Lake City!

However, Got Beauty is so much more than a  “candy store” fulfilling your every whim.  It’s also an economic powerhouse, with an all female staff, 42 ladies strong. Their 100 % woman run operation is not by design, Tammy shared,  but rather a reflection of organizational values and the laws of attraction.

Tammy learned these values from her family, who have the beauty business in their DNA. Her grandmother helped develop Redken. Her father opened Taylor Maid Beauty Supply, which made history as Utah’s first local retail beauty supply store, and her family includes several award winning movie and theatrical makeup artists.

Working summers at her father’s shop, and helping her mother run a business while attending high school the remainder of the year, Tammy learned the ups and downs of entrepreneurship first hand. Her mother’s interior design business would meet the fate of many other main street businesses when the big box stores came to town.

“What big boxes do to creativity, to prices, to supply and demand … ” Tammy shook her head, recalling the slow demise of the vibrant businesses of the small, Pennsylvania town where her mother’s business was located.

Having garnered years of experience in these family owned businesses, it was natural for Tammy to open her own business here in Salt Lake City, but that was just the beginning of the Got Beauty we know and love today.  Her first chain of beauty businesses evolved when she was purchased by a national chain. While the deal did include an anti-compete clause, there were no barriers preventing Tammy from opening an online business, and that is how Got Beauty emerged!

Building a bustling online business in an age when Amazon was only selling books, and most other retail outlets were just beginning to adapt to life online, opened doors that otherwise would have been firmly shut to a stay at home mom. The popularity of her online business led to a new retail location in Sugar House, and then in 2005, to the current brick and mortar location Got Beauty now operates on the corner of 900 East and 2100 South.

Despite being an early and successful adopter of online retail sales, Tammy sees Amazon and other price gauging monopolies as a direct threat to the livelihood of small business, as we well as to the economic health of our communities.

“The larger the online monopolies become, the more homogenized, unoriginal and generic our shopping options become.” Tammy said. 

While Gotbeauty.com is quick to price match, we often hear from local merchants how potential clients may visit a shop, spend a great deal of time learning about various products from a highly skilled professional, then indiscreetly open their Amazon app and place an order based on the misconception that they are saving money by shopping online with a giant corporation.

This type of shopping not only effects most Ma & Pa establishments and their employees, it also impacts our overall economy, community, and quality of life:  Amazon and massive online retailers like it drain our cities and towns of jobs, and vital sales tax revenues.  They use our infrastructure without contributing to its maintenance, and produce significant amounts of waste in the form of packaging and carbon output.  These are just a few of the  ways we are all negatively impacted when too much of our purchasing power is placed in the hands of mega corporations.

The good news for online shoppers: Got Beauty offers free next day shipping for locals, and beats Amazon Prime’s service, pricing, and selection any day.

We’re delighted to have Got Beauty as a Local Legends Member of Local First Utah.  They embody the heart of the buy local movement: innovation, connection, and opportunity for all. Want to know more about how to join? Email Kristen@localfirst.org.

Kristen Lavelett