Humble Hero Spotlight: Beehive Cheese

Cheese-making has a long and storied history. From the parmesans of Italy, to the bries and bleus of France, to the funky limbergers of Germany, cheese is an art form, only to be created by the most knowledgeable and highly trained artisans in the world.

Or, maybe it’s not.

When Tim and Pat, the brothers-in-law behind Beehive Cheese, started their cheesemaking journey, they shared a love of the rich food cultures they’d experienced in their travels, and a desire to rediscover Utah cheesemaking practices of yore.

Working with Utah State, and the Western Dairy Center, they developed a cheesemaking facility, and began creating an Irish Cheddar reflective of Utah’s cheese tradition. That first recipe transformed into Promontory Cheddar, which went on to win first place at the American Cheese Society in 2011, and a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2013.

From there, Beehive Cheese made history with the creation of their most famous cheese, “Barely Buzzed,”  a cheese that features an espresso lavender rub on the rind. As it turns out, mixing cheese and coffee is a big no-no in the cheese-making world. It simply isn’t done, until now.

Despite violating the unwritten rules of cheesemaking, (or perhaps because of this violation) “Barely Buzzed” has won five first place awards from the American Cheese Society, and absolutely accomplished Pat & Tim’s goal of creating a notable cheese making identity for the state of Utah.

They haven’t stopped there though. The Beehive Family of Cheeses consists of eight unique cheeses ranging from Teahive to Big John’s Cajun to the newest member of the family, Fully Loaded (plus cheese curds!) that both reflect and add to Utah’s culinary heritage. Their cheeses are available across the country, right down the street at a Harmon’s grocery stores, and even Maverick gas stations, making it easy to enjoy this locally made, artisan cheese any time the craving strikes.

Kristen Lavelett