Bottom Line Impact of Buying Locally: Customer Loyalty

Does it matter to your customers that you are a local?


While this may seem like one of those unspoken elements of being an independent business, something that can be a little tricky to measure, the Institute for Local Self Reliance found in a nationwide survey of locally owned businesses, that improved customer loyalty was one of the benefits the businesses experienced as result of engaging with a “buy local” organization, like Local First Utah.

And it makes sense. Locally owned, independent business become part of our daily routines, they are go-tos for gift giving, and they are the restaurants where we celebrate our birthdays and anniversaries year after year. We provide personal recommendations to our neighbors about that expert plumber or local electrician who knew exactly how to solve the problem that was beyond our DIY skills.

We stroll through neighborhoods with streets lined with one-of-a-kind boutiques and cafes on date nights, or when we have visitors in town. Moreover, we become connected to the locally owned, independent businesses because they are connected to us.

One of the best ways to let your customers know that you are local, is to become a member of Local First Utah. As a member, we’ll provide you with our door cling, so to moment a customer walks in your door, they know you are locally owned. As well, you can use our logo on your website, or menu, your receipts or any of your printed materials. We call this co-branding.

As well, as a member, we’ll highlight you on our social media platforms, where we have a combined following of nearly 20,000 locally minded citizens, you’ll have an enhanced listing in our online directory, and lots of opportunities to meet other local business owners through our events and classes.

Improved customer loyalty is just one of the many “bottom line impacts” of becoming a member of Local First Utah!

Kristen Lavelett