Meet the Experts

The team at Underbelly Creative have created internal websites for companies as large as Netflix and developed brand identities for shops as small as Honeycomb Bakery, right here in Salt Lake City. No matter the client, they bring the same level of passion and expertise to their work as a human focused-creative agency that design and develops products for people.

We are delighted to bring their dedication and skill to the Indie Business Academy and specifically to our first class, “Your First Front Door: Website Customer Experience.

Using curriculum specifically developed for the Indie Business Academy by the experts at Underbelly, this class will feature a number of hands on activities and personalized recommendations, providing small business owners not only with an understanding of “user experience” but also specific, easily implementable concepts to improve the online experience of your customers. We'll discuss how customers discover your business online, how a customer's experience on your website relates to your overall brand, and how simple changes can improve a customer's experience on your website.

Whether a significant amount of your business takes place online, or your website simply serves to draw your customers into your brick and mortar store, the individualized nature of the Indie Business Academy instruction will give you strategies to connect with current and future customers.

Autumn Mariano, UX Designer

Autumn has worked at Underbelly Creative for the past 4 years as a UX designer. During that time she has worked with clients on both a local and global scale, collaborating with them to create digital products that solve business problems while providing value to their customers. She has a soft spot for small local businesses (being employed by one) and more recently as a close friend of hers launched her own fitness service business last year.

Jeff Smith, Digital Product Designer

Jeff Smith has been designing digital experiences for customers for more than years and has 8 years of prior graphic design experience. He recently started his own business and enjoys running a startup. Jeff loves sports, photography, and doing everything outdoors with his wife and two young daughters.

Sign up today for “Your First Front Door: Website Customer Experience.” Registration is just $15 for Local First Utah Members, and $25 for non-members. Enroll before Feb 12th, when prices increase by $5.

We have three different classes, to fit into your busy schedule!

Tuesday, Feb 19th, 4-6 pm

Wednesday, Feb 20th 8 - 10 am

Wednesday Feb, 20th 11 am - 1 pm

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