Reason No. 2 to Buy Locally

You Embrace the Character of Our Community

You don’t have to spend much time in Utah to understand that it is a unique place. Our natural beauty is unparalleled, from our snowy peaks in the north to our desert red rock in the south, and all the beauty in between.

Our culture is a little on the peculiar side as well. Oft-misunderstood, as we fight stereotypes and misperceptions about the state we love, a healthy dose of humor (think Five Wives Vodka, or Polygamy Porter) has allowed many of our locally owned, independent businesses to set themselves apart.

Sure, we’ve been butt of jokes, usually made by folks who’ve never been here, but we know this is a place that is best experienced in person. It’s that personal experience that makes Utah so wonderful. And, it’s our locally owned, independent businesses that make that personal experience so satisfying.

Maddox Ranch House in Perry, Utah has been family owned since 1949 and is considered “Utah’s Original Steak House.” Bumbleberry Inn, located in Springdale, Utah is more than just a hotel. Including a restaurant, retail store, and theater, all named after the family’s signature, secret recipe for Bumbleberry Pie, the Inn has been the backdrop for many a fond family vacation memory for more than three generations.  Weller Book Works, opened in 1929 under the name Zion’s Bookstore. Enlivening a number of different locations throughout downtown Salt Lake City, Weller Book Works has remained family owned for 90 years, and is a crucial anchor to the Historic Trolley Square.

These businesses, and many, many more have helped shape and define Utah for residents and visitors alike. And, they have paved the way for new businesses and new residents.  Recently, a partnership between Salt Lake City’s Business Development and a number of Utah’s ethnic chambers produced Living Color Utah, a guide that connects new residents to established businesses and communities

When you choose to buy from a locally owned, independent business, you embrace and celebrate our unique local culture. You contribute in a way that ensures that these businesses thrive, and continue to shape the nature of our towns and cities.

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