Reason No. 7 to Buy Locally

You Encourage Innovation & Product Diversity

The Zamboni. The Frisbee. The stoplight. The artificial heart.  What do these things have in common? 

Here’s a couple more clues: Television. Fry Sauce. 

All of these were invented in Utah or by Utahns. And there are hundreds of other, slightly lesser known products invented in Utah every year. From baby products, to outdoor gear, to tech innovations, to gardening tools, Utahns are a clever bunch. When we choose to buy from locally owned, independent businesses, we fuel the fire of innovation. 

In addition to creating new products, locals are able to respond to the needs of their community, and carry niche products that are specific to the interests or needs of living in Utah. Locally owned bookstores and record shops are the best places to discover the work of independent authors and musicians. Local grocery stores dedicate more shelf space to products made and grown in Utah. 

The glistening shelves of big box stores, and the never ending pages of search results that turn up on the website of certain online monopolies may seem like that have more to offer than a neighborhood brick & mortar, but when you trace the line up the food chain, most of those products are made by companies that are owned by other bigger companies, which in turn are owned by only a few multinational corporations. But supporting independent business adds to creativity, keeps pricing stable, and more accurately reflects the forces of supply and demand, keeping economic power here in Utah, rather than in a distant corporate boardroom. 

What are some of your favorite Utah made products or innovations?

Kristen Lavelett