Indie Business Academy 2019: Managing Your Online Brand Identity

Does your business have a brand? More than a logo or a product, a brand — especially when it comes to small businesses — is the emotional and psychological relationship your customers have with your business. Essentially, a brand is the trust (or lack thereof) customers have in your business, based on their experiences and interactions.

Every business has a brand identity, even if you’ve never set out to create one, because a brand identity encompasses all the experiential elements of your business. From the moment a customer walks in your front door, every element of their interaction with you builds your business’s brand identity.

But your brand extends beyond just the experiences a customer has while inside of your business. Your online identity, from your social media presence, to your website, to what other customers are saying about your business in online reviews, plays a huge role in building, or damaging your business’s brand identity.

2019 Indie Business Academy “Managing YOur Online Brand Identity”

Led by local experts, the Indie Business Academy provides hands-on training activities, and a personalized touch, to help you business stand out in the digital sea.

Classes Include:

  • Your First Front Door: Website Customer Experience

  • Social Media Essentials: Picking a Platform for Your Personality

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Navigating Online Reviews

  • Social Media 2.0: Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and the Video Revolution

You can enroll in the full curriculum, or select a la carte which class best suits your needs.

What to Expect from the Indie Business Academy

Here’s what to anticipate from these classes:

  • One-on-one interaction with experts in topics ranging from website user experience, to brand building, to the nitty gritty details of social media.

  • Local First Utah members will receive personalized analyses on each of the topics, with simple, implementable ideas to improve your online brand identity, and access to webinars based on the classes so you can refresh your memory or continue to learn.

  • We’ll even work with you one-on-one to help you craft the basics of a brand identity — you already have one, whether you know it or not, we’ll help you conceptualize and enhance your brand identity.

  • Small class sizes, and environment that will allow you to learn from your peers as well as our experts.

Enroll in the Indie Business Academy

Local First Utah Business Booster Members*

  • $15 early bird registration (up to seven days prior to the class)

  • $25 standard registration per class

  • $75 for the full curriculum (if you register before Feb 15, 2019)


  • $20 early bird registration (up to seven days prior to the class)

  • $30 standard registration

  • $100 for the full curriculum (if you register before Feb 15, 2019)

*All Humble Heroes, Community Champions, and Local Legend Members receive free admission to Indie Business Academy Classes

Click here to enroll.

Kristen Lavelett