10 Reasons to Buy Locally


Thank you for buying locally! Here’s what happens when you do:

01. You keep your money in our economy

For every dollar spent in a locally owned business, $.55 stays right here in Utah. That's four times more money than if that same dollar was spent at a national retailer.

02. You embrace the character of our community

Independent businesses emerge from a sense of place and contribute to a sense of place. They are fed by the nature of the community, and define the unspeakable attributes of a town.

03. You create local jobs

Local businesses are better than chains or giant online retailers at creating more jobs per consumer dollars spent. As well, independent business provide a diverse array of job opportunities and wages.

04. You help the environment

You conserve energy and resources, in the form of less fuel for transportation and less packaging. Walkable business districts reduce sprawl and automobile use.

05. You benefit from our passion and expertise

To thrive as an independent business, many owners have spent years honing their craft. Often it is the intangibles that set local businesses apart — their dedication, the quality of their personal character, and their commitment to customer service.

06. You keep your tax dollars here

Buying from locally owned business that are rooted here in Utah ensures that sales and property tax dollars are reinvested right where they belong, paving your roads, providing for your local schools, and supporting your first responders.

07. You encourage innovation and product diversity

Independent businesses are able to identify the niche markets in their communities, and expand from those niches into broad markets creating diverse products.

08. You love your neighbors

We know you and you know us. Studies show that Utah's local businesses donate to community causes at three times the rate of chains.

09. You keep the American Dream alive

Buying locally nurtures entrepreneurship, which fuels prosperity by serving as a means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the middle class. This is the foundation of our American economy.

10. You make us a destination

Utah is already a world class destination. A vibrant, active, independent business community will amplify life in Utah for visitors and residents alike! This benefits everyone!

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