Our Mission:

Local, First.

Local First is Utah’s leading independent business alliance, committed to promoting the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses. We focus on building connections, collaborating with government agencies and educating communities statewide on the value of buying locally.


Our Impact

Shifting just 10% of your spending to locally owned businesses will keep $1.3 billion in Utah’s economy. Here are 10 Reasons to Buy Locally:



you keep your money in our economy.

For every dollar spent in a locally owned business, $.55 stays right here in Utah. That's four times more money than if that same dollar was spent at a national retailer.



You embrace the CHARACTER of our community.

Independent businesses both emerge from, and contribute to, a sense of place. They are fed by the nature of the community, and define the unspeakable attributes of a town.



you create local jobs

Local businesses are better than chains or giant online retailers at creating jobs per consumer dollars spent. As well, independent business provide a diverse array of job opportunities and wages.



Join Local First.

As Utah’s leading independent business alliance, membership in Local First Utah offers a variety of unparalleled benefits. We exist to serve you, the independent businesses that form the backbone of our economy. Our benefits are designed to meet the unique needs of locally owned businesses, while strengthening community connections. Join today!

Business Booster
$100 / year

Humble Hero
$500 / year

Community Champion
$1000 / year

Local Legend
$2500 / year



Local Legend Spotlight: Legends Pub & Grill

“We consider ourselves to be common folk.” Lisa said. But, in the world of sport bars, with their commitment to highlighting local beer & spirits, providing high quality food while creating jobs, and building the sort of “third place” where people feel welcome and valued, Legends is anything but common.  

Reason No. 6 for Buying Locally IG Post.png

Reason No. 6 For Buying Locally: You keep Your Tax Dollars Here

To loosen the pinch of sale tax on our individual wallets, many of us make our purchases online. Whether out of convenience or to save a few dollars -- it’s hard to avoid buying online these days. However, every purchase you make has consequences.


LOCAl Legends Spotlight: Got Beauty

“I love our candy store vibe” Tammy Taylor said with a twinkle in her eye. However, Got Beauty is so much more than a  “candy store” fulfilling your every whim.  It’s also an economic powerhouse, with an all female staff, 42 ladies strong. Their 100 % woman run operation is not by design, Tammy shared,  but rather a reflection of organizational values and the laws of attraction.


Member Directory

Find a new restaurant for dinner, a barber, a mechanic, a dentist, a web designer, an account … a butcher , a baker or a candlestick maker. Whatever you are looking for, buy it locally, and keep four times more money in Utah’s economy.

Member Resources

Update your business listing, check out our Indie Business Academy Webinars, download a co-branding kit, or peruse the variety of one-of-a-kind business resources available to Local First Utah Members.


Upcoming Events

Build relationships with other locally minded citizens. Learn a new skill to apply to your business. Eat, drink and be merry, with the best in local food & drink. Whatever your reason, our classes, mixers and community events are not to be missed!


Community Champions

Local Legends

Cornerstone Sponsors

We’re grateful for the support of these businesses and sponsors whose contributions keep the wheels turning at Local First Utah. What to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Community Champion, Local Legend, or Cornerstone Sponsor? Email Kristen@localfirst.org.